Alpha Link Program

Alpha Link Program

The Alpha Link is a focused learning programme designed to prepare children for a formal school environment and an education system. Interactive and active learning has been interwoven in the programme to help children develop their confidence levels.

Alpha Link helps to

  • Bridge the gap between the Preschool and the Primary levels.
  • Smoothen the transition for children
  • Successful completion of The Alpha Link will equip children with concepts and skills required to enter the Primary level.

Duration – 20 days

Cost – Differs by location. Please contact specific Alphakids location for more details.

A glimpse of Alpha Link:

Session Topic
1. All About Me - Human Characteristics
2. All About Me - Me And My Family
3. All About Me - My Body
4. All About Me - Keeping Clean
5. All About Me - Healthy Habits
6. All About Me - Being Safe
7. All About Me - Good Touch And Bad Touch
8. My Surroundings - Living And Non-living Things
9. My Surroundings – Places Around Us
10. My Surroundings – People Around Us
11. My Surroundings – Communication
12. Topic: My Surroundings – Animals Around Us
13. Topic: My Surroundings – Plants Around Us
14. My Surroundings And Beyond – The 4 Elements Of Nature
15. Topic: My Surroundings And Beyond – The Planet Earth
16. My Surroundings And Beyond – Air
17. My Surroundings And Beyond – My Plant My Buddy
18. My Surroundings And Beyond - Water
19. My Surroundings And Beyond – Fire
20. Teacher’s Session